All Hildreth Romney Rams are a product of relentless selection and remarkable genetic gain.

Rams are priced according to SIL Index scores, which is a guide for expected returns over the rams productive life.

ARAB (Average Return Above Benchmark ($)) is estimated returns per ram over its useful life above a benchmark of zero established in 1995.

Note: The higher the category price, the higher the expected returns. 

The above graph is an example of expected performance above a benchmark set in 1995.

**Notes on infographic: This data is taken from the 2020 Ram selection list and increases every year. 

Rams are built for breeding. With high testosterone and consequently compromised immune systems they are highly prone to pneumonia when run hard for a long time. They are fine running around the hills looking for ewes but a long dusty track can tip them over. Rams need to be kept in a paddock with good shade and water.

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