A stick reader to read the EID tags at Scanning. Through the incredible ease of the EID system we have developed, we can not only collect more data but more efficiently and accurately.

With the EID we now weigh all the ewes pre-mating, post-mating and at weaning. Ewes are condition scored at docking.

There is now five years of very valuable data giving us a clear picture of ewe efficiency.


  1. Which ewes are weaning the heaviest lambs at weaning relative to their live weight?
  2. How condition score and live weight effects survival and weaning weight.
  3. How pre-mating and post mating live weights affect scanning.
  4. How weight gain pre-mating and during mating affects scanning.
  5. How to minimise losses between mating and docking.
  6. How to improve longevity.
  7. How ewe hogget mating affects longevity.

What do we get from this information? How we can make significant extra money through greater efficiency and feeding animals appropriately to get the best out of their genetics.

Highlighted Ewe 170/0362kg ewe at mating weaned 88.5kg of lambs (twins) At this efficiency at 8 ewes /ha at $2.50/kg = $1770/ha. Target Average 65kg ewe at mating weaning 70kg of lambs (2 @ 35kg) at 8ewes/ha = $1400/haextra-kg